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Booklist (2/14)
"This sweetly tender story of one family’s attempt to navigate the rocky waters of stardom focuses on the importance of loyalty, sacrifice, and second chances. Benson’s intimate knowledge of the music industry is evident, and her charming, inspirational novel will appeal both to fans of Martha Southgate and loyal Behind the Music viewers." — Stephanie Turza

Romantic Times Magazine (2/14)
"...instead of Samson’s secret, it’s Delilah’s that threatens to destroy the spiritual foundation she and her late husband, Rocky, build for their three daughters...Delilah’s Daughters is a captivating story from the beginning to the breathtaking end." 4.5 stars (out of 5 ) — Robin R. Pendleton


Urban Reviews (scroll down the page)
"In the book, Sins of the Father, author Angela Benson brought to life the biblical story of Abraham and put a modern twist on it. The way she writes each character makes them so realistic. In certain parts of the book, you can envision the pain and suffering that the siblings went through with not knowing each other and how upset they were with their father. This book covers it all, jealousy, anger, forgiveness, redemption, and joy. ." (Jackie, October 2009)

Books2Mention (scroll down the page)
"Sins of the Father is absolutely riveting. This compelling novel is powerful and engaging from beginning to end. It is a story of redemption that depicts how secrets destroy trust and devastate lives." (Patricia Woods, December 2009)

Romance In Color
"Angela Benson has written a real jewel, complete with the element of surprise and awesome twists and turns in Sins of the Father." (Patricia Sykes-Brown, September 2009)

Armchair Interviews
"Sins of the Father is an excellent book. There is good development of the characters. The scandalous plot sizzles but the author also manages to effectively convey the characters’ feelings. . .This is a 5-star read." (Leslie Granier, October 2009)

Booklist Magazine (American Library Association)
"Benson’s newest inspirational family drama raises more issues than it resolves, but the themes will resound with many readers and her portrayal of a newly reformed, albeit occasionally backsliding, sinner is masterful."— Lynne Welch (September 2009)

AOL Black Voices on Books
"With all the scandalous headlines of prominent public figures caught in extramarital affairs, and hip-hoppers with two baby mamas delivering children just months apart, Angela Benson's latest novel about a high-powered business executive who has not one but two families, does not seem that far-fetched. . .'Sins of the Father' is an entertaining read." (Lynette Holloway, 9/14/09)

"Angela Benson has written a novel of forgiveness and redemption filled with suspense and tragedy. The characters are developed to a degree that makes them very understandable. It is easy to see why Leah was quiet all those years as she and her children struggled to survive and why Abraham kept his mouth shut and let Saralyn send them a mere pittance to survive on. The drama never stops. It is well worth reading." (Alice Holman, 9/11/09)

My Christian Fiction Blog
"I think the entire book should be placed on TV. Seriously. I felt like I was reading a script for a movie and I was ready to cast the actors for the parts." (Cecelia, 9/5/09)

Book Splurge
"Sins of the Father is an entertaining page turner with a powerful message spotlighting the corrosive affects illegitimacy has on one’s identity. Most people believe that only the “other” children suffer trying to find their place in the family, but as was shown in the story, every member felt their identity threatened." (CeeCee, 9/3/09)

Corn Husker Academy
"Angela deals with hard issues, she doesn't back down from anything! . . .She's also not afraid to answer them. I love Angela's style and her substance. I will read any book that she writes, I am impressed!" (Janna, 9/3/09)

My Book Reviews
"[Sins of the Father] was a moving story and brings to light an important point that a father is an important part of the family and he must take his responsibilities seriously." (Kim, 9/3/09)

My Friend Amy
"if you're just looking for a drama to get caught up filled with greed, revenge, and love and without any profanity or graphic sex scenes...well I recommend this book." (Amy, 9/3/09)

Simply Said Reading Accessories
"This was a well written story, and I loved Angela’s voice telling it. You can really feel all the emotions from both sides and understand the hurt and love that comes with it." (Debra, 8/31/09)

Genre Go Round Reviews
"With a modernizing of the relationships of the biblical Abraham, Angela Benson provides an engaging contemporary drama. " (Harriet, 8/28/09)

The Rapturous Reader
"I knew this novel was a winner after the first twenty five pages! Angela Benson weaves a fabulous tale of faith, family, redemption and forgiveness. This is inspirational fiction at its best!" (Lisa, 8/28/09)

Motown Review Book Club
"Sins of the Father is a good read for those who enjoy family sagas with a lot of drama. I would recommend this novel for your summertime reading list." (Jeanette, 8/6/09)

Real Page Turners
Sins of the Father is a powerful story of revenge, betrayal, and forgiveness. Benson uses three dimensional characters to prove that regret, shame and hatred can give way to acceptance, forgiveness and love. The storyline will surprise you while the outcome will increase your faith in God. If you love reading about real life issues, this is a book that will keep you glued to the pages. (Deltareviewer, 8/1/09)

APOOO BookClub Review #3
"I enjoyed this story as there was always more than met the eye and it kept me turning the pages as I wondered how this family was to resolve their issues of betrayal, rage and love for each other and to themselves. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy stories with themes of redemption, forgiveness and love within a family." (Beverly, 7/26/09)

APOOO BookClub Review #2
"Benson developed characters that I could easily see myself coming in contact with on a daily basis. . .With the good plot and the well-developed characters, I recommend Sins of the Father to readers who enjoy contemporary and Christian fiction." (Jennifer, 7/24/09)

APOOO BookClub Review #1
"Angela Benson has written a story with a soap opera vibe and enough suspense and surprises to keep one turning the pages to see where it will all end." (Dera, 7/17/09)

Everything Has a Purpose
'. . .Sins of the Father by Angela Benson is a fantastic book. . .Each character struggles with some part of their human nature as they try to forgive and forget, prioritize the material vs. the spiritual, going forward in life and beginning again and striving to have unconditional love." (Tea, 6/21/09)


Fresh Fiction

". . .The characters in this humourous yet touching story, particularly the three women who just won't let Preacher live his life the way he wants to live it, jump off the page. I could easily envision a few more books to extend the story and delve further into the lives and antics of these ladies. The ending, which I didn't see coming, clearly sets the stage for more."

Christian Bookworm Reviews and AAKultureZone

". . . Angela took a unique route with her storyline unlike her previous books. She really emphasized the spiritual warfare that seems hidden behind a curtain at times, but is very real. This novel was well worth the wait and by far one of Angela’s best Christian fiction novels."

Blogcritics Magazine

". . .the characters felt real and multidimensional. For instance, Preacher was vulnerable and tender in his devotion to his faith and to his sons while still being strong, sure, and competent, especially around his former associates. In fact, every character was written realistically. Both unchurched and believers were imperfect needing forgiveness which I found refreshing and real."


"Angela Benson writes a commanding and enthralling story on the power of salvation and how temptation works to unravel it. . .Benson’s writing is fluid and demonstrates her ability to incorporate biblical principle in everyday living."

APOOO Reviews

"I loved how Ms Benson built up the suspense in this novel. I could see all the layers of each individual’s life come apart. . .I think Up Pops the Devil will appeal to both Christian fiction and urban fiction readers."

Urban Reviews

"This story shows that sometimes when a person is making a change in their life there will be people that will try to pull you in a different direction. Benson showed great creativity with how she showed how the devil is always busy in trying to get and destroy souls."

Armchair Interviews

"As I read this book I could feel the characters’ struggles because I had similar ones. To relive my conversion again through Preacher’s story was magnificent. I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone."




The Amen Diaries, a collection of excerpts from reader mail about The Amen Sisters

Lauretta Huff at Faithful Reader’s Word of Mouth (May 2006) gives The Amen Sisters 5 stars!

Bahiyah Woman magazine (BWM) and Faithwebbin
“If you are looking for a juicy novel, this definitely fits the bill. Kudos to Angela for a courageous novel!”

Romance in Color
“Powerful! Soul searching! Spiritually provoking! Angela Benson has again produced a powerful rendition of love, forgiveness, God’s grace and mercy in Amen Sisters!”

Affaire de Coeur magazine
“The love that develops between the lines of the page-turning novel will jump off the page and into your heart.”

“This novel not only shows what happens when these women try to come forward with their stories, but also shows the lack of support the church gives these women.”

“. . . a rich, multifaceted work of Christian Fiction that is both timely and realistic. The characters create the pulse of the story, and they are well balanced…not the “perfect people” often seen in this genre. ”

Armchair Interviews
“Benson writes a powerful and compelling novel with characters you will either care deeply about or want to see fall fast and hard. ”

Fallen Angel Reviews
“. . .Kudos to Ms. Benson for dealing with one of the last remaining taboo topics in today’s church in such a straightforward and compassionate manner. ”

Book Buzz at APOOO Bookclub
“. . .a bold and gritty look at sexual abuse in the church. . .”

Mini-review at Photography and More
“This book also boldly confronts the abuse of power by some who are in leadership roles in the Church.”


The Amen Diaries. . . from the hearts of those who read The Amen Sisters

With this section, I’m share with you some of the dear thoughts and prayers readers of The Amen Sisters have shared with me. As an author who seeks to serve the Kingdom of God with her writing, I cannot tell you how encouraging these notes have been for me.

I present them to you unedited (I did remove spoilers and identifying information) because I want to share them with you as they were shared with me. May your hearts be encouraged and your lives enriched as you read these notes. If you find yourself distracted by typos or grammatical errors, take a moment and ask the Lord to clear your heart. You’ll miss a blessing if you focus on the wrong thing.

God bless every person who poured out their hearts and their thoughts! If you’re reading this and The Amen Sisters has been encouraging to you, please share your experience by emailing me.

“When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.” (Romans 1:12, New Living Translation)



I just finished reading your book a few minutes ago. Great story, which held my interest . Thank you for writing a book which gives insight into the real issues and problems that occur in our churches, with other Christians, and our Pastors. It was very helpful to see the real interest and processes that Pastor Thomas took and used to help resolve the problems encountered by his members. An uncaring and less sensitive Pastor can do much harm to his members if he doesn’t care or know how to resolve his own personal conflicts and those involving his members. I think you book provided valuable methods for showing how church and personal conflicts should be resolved. Thanks again for a great book and I look forward to your next book which I hope will continue to show us how to deal with real life issues within the Body of Christ.

I am reading “The Amen Sisters” at this time and I can hardly put it down! It is so very well written! You can feel the characters’s emotions. It brings so many issues to light; real issues. It validates the pain that so many women and men go through and shows the way God would want us to resolve these situations his way, not ours. If I could, I would read it sun up to sun down. I will give it to someone as a gift this year. The scripture shared throughout this book by mention and example are tools of God that we can use throughout our lives.

Thank you for the powerful wisdom and awe inspiring insight of undaunting truth in the “Amen Sisters” I was deeply touched, being so by having been in similar situations as one of the characters! I was surprised to learn that I wasn’t alone in this particular experience and the advice was the pat on the back I *REALLY* needed. It was quite easy to put myself in the characters shoes and for so long many among myself have been at a lost for words to discribe to others and their familes the same situations dealt with in the book and how to overcome it! I just want to thank you for you bold wisdom and for bringing this topic to surface. Thank you for all the right words.

Thank you so much for writing the Amen Sisters. I have been where your characters were–been under a cult-like church, with a pastor that took advantage of me (and many other women) and I got pregnant twice. That was one of the worse seasons of my life and I felt just like the girl in your book did that no one believed. Thanks for helping me sort through some things I had never dealt with concerning that whole season of my life. God bless you!!!

I just finished reading The Amen Sisters today and it was such a blessing. It was very refreshing to read a book that had such a clear message of love and forgiveness. It was so true to life. I would love to see “The Amen Sisters” as a movie. I appreciate you and I thank God for the awesome gift the He has given you. Continue to walk in God’s divine purpose for your life and you will be sure to prosper. Your sister in Christ…

I just purchased your book (Amen Sisters) on Tuesday of this week, read the book the same day and finished early this morning. Your characters were so vividly portrayed in your book until I am still thinking about the sobering experience and encounters this book bought me. You are such a probing, creative writer. It was amazing to see how you carried the reader from one character to another, engaging us to stick with the people and their life-changing events. Although, I rarely purchase a fictional book, this one took me to the top because the events were actually things that are still happening in Christian circles. If you are ever speaking in my area, I will be there! Thanks for writing such an aspiring story. I have recommended the book to several sisters already and will continue. This book has mystery, joy, saddness, truth and courage.

I was greatly moved by reading the AMEN Sisters - it really prepared me for some news I was about to hear that was going on at my church. When men of God stray it does have far reaching consequences and unless you are anchored in the Lord you can be destroyed - nevertheless the anchored can still be devasted. Thank you for such a timely book.

Hi Angela, I feel like I already know you or at least you are one of the girls. One of my spiritual sisters gave me your book The Amen Sisters for my birthday last year. Once I started reading your book I couldn’t wait to pick it up again. I have a 9 year old son and keeping up with him and his homework keeps me pretty busy during the week. Nevertheless, I started during the week either Monday or Tuesday, by Saturday I was telling my son I was not moving until I finished it. Saturday is his day for cartoons so I layed across my bed and the burst of “oh my’s” caused my son to come and see what was the matter. I was very much surprised by your ending. [spoiler deleted] Reflecting on the story from the ending to the beginning. I felt your ending was very happy indeed. [spoiler deleted] In short, I loved your book, as well as your creativity in putting the story together in scripture, prayer, as well as the reality of life. Although, it wasn’t until a talked to my freind Carole after we both had finished, that I realized the simularities in my own life.

First I must apoligize for not thanking you sooner for sending me the book “Amen Sisters.” The book arrived at a time, I needed my spirits lifted. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at that time. I had surgery, and the tumor is gone. I had radiation treatments, and if it is God’s will, there will be no reoccurance of the cancer. The book was so good, I could hardly put it down. It only took me two days to read Amen Sisters. My friends and co-workers have all purchased your book. Everyone that read the book loves it!! Again I want to thank you for the wonderful gift. I will always keep you in my prayers, and I will remember your kindness forever.

I just finished reading “Amen Sisters”. It was very good. I enjoy Christian fiction because, it shows that we have real lives and have problems like everyone else. and we're not churchy all the time.

I have been out of the church of my youth and also where i was employed for 1 year 8months and 13 days. My pain lessens by the day and God has placed positive persons in my life in the last few months who help me restore my faith as I plan for the future. Yes I obtained another job but not another church. Fear is what has kept me from making that kind of commitment again (40+ years is a long time) but I know, believe and must trust God for another home where I can again share my ministry skills and be blessed as I bless others. Your article alone was so needed thus I’m sure the book will be a further blessing. Blessings to anyone who takes a stand however the wind blows. Peace my Sister.

I would like to learn more about how to reach a family member involved in this type of abusive church senario. My little sister may be involved and has been for over 20 years now. Her group has a “mission” or church in Ghana but she lives in [identifying information deleted] and works two jobs to send all of her money to fund the church. Many young women go to Ghana and don’t come back. Prayer is my hope to reach her.

The last two posts actually refer to an article I wrote when the hardcover of The Amen Sisters was first released, Helping a Friend after the Trauma of an Abusive Church. You can read it HERE.



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